Ehsaas Amdan Program and Online Registration for 2024

The federal government of Pakistan launches the Ehsaas Amdan Program to help people with salaries lower than the average salary, living hand to mouth and facing critical financial and unemployment challenges. Through this program, the government gives a monthly allowance of 25000 to eligible individuals, by using this allowance, those individuals can improve their financial situation and find employment that can make their life happy.

Ehsaas Amdan Program and online registration 2024:

Ehsaas Amdan Program Summary:

The main objectives of the Pakistani government in launching the Ehsaas Amdan program are to handle unemployment, promote people’s financial condition, and reduce poverty. The application is a light in the darkness for people who cannot start their small businesses due to financial instability.

How to Apply for the Ehsaas Amdan Program:

There are several methods available for registering yourself in the Ehsaas Amdan Program. All of the methods are explained below. You can register yourself through any of the methods.

Ehsaas Amdan Program and online registration 2024:

Method 1: By SMS registration:

The most common and easiest method to register yourself is texting your CNIC Number to the toll-free number 8171. By following this method, you will receive a confirmation SMS from the government that includes your eligibility status.

Method 2: By online registration:

Ehsaas Amdan program allows individuals to register themselves online. They have to give their basic information like CNIC number and other information. After registering online, they will receive a confirmation SMS.

Method 3: Through Physical application:

Individuals who need proper help, information, and assistance can visit the nearest Ehsaas program office. They can fill out the application there. It is compulsory to have the required documents, like an ID card and B-form for children, to verify their eligibility.

Districts covered:

Government launches the program throughout different areas in Pakistan covering most of the districts of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. All of the target districts are given below. You can check your district in the table below.

PunjabBalochistanSindhKhyber Pakhtunkhwa
LahoreGwadarShikarpurDera Ismail Khan
MultanDera BugtiMatiariSouth Waziristan
MuzaffargarhChagaiUmerkotNorth Waziristan
JhangSheraniSujawalPalas Kolai
LayyahZhobThattaLower Kohistan
Dera Ghazi KhanJhal MagsiBadinUpper Kohistan

Ehsaas Amdan Program for women of society:

The government of Pakistan is trying to help the poor women of the nation to uplift them. Imran Khan, the former prime minister of Pakistan and chairman of PTI, tried to help the poor women of the nation to meet their household expenses.

Therefore, the ratio of women is 60% and of men is 40%. The government aims to improve gender equality. So, women can also take part in the progress of the country.

Ehsaas Amdan Program objective:

The main objective of the Ehsaas Amdan program is to target rural societies with the assistance of food for underage children below 5. The government tries to train the youth and women in various skills. The government of Pakistan also decided to build over 400 poultry farms, which will provide job opportunities to the people and will be a light of hope in darkness for the poor people.

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The government of Pakistan announced a huge budget for this program. The government launches 70 new projects in Layyah city with over 16 million budget. The government also tries to improve the condition of maternity hospitals and build some new hospitals with an investment of 4 billion rupees.

The government also tries to improve the water supply in the whole country. Agriculture serves as the backbone of Pakistan’s economy, so the government allocated around 2.19 billion rupees for this. The government also decided to improve public health and sports. It also invested in government projects.

The government has announced to give free training in productive skills to 200,000 households. The government has announced to give 221,926 interest-free loans.


You can get an allowance of 25000 by applying and registering for the Ehsaas Amdan program through any of the mentioned methods. You can also apply for the allowance of 12000 rupees through the same method (8171 web portal). This program is a great opportunity for individuals suffering from financial crises. After applying, you can check your eligibility status on the 8171 web portal by entering your CNIC number. Register yourself for the Ehsaas Amdan program for the year 2024 as soon as possible.

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