Latest News Benazir Income Support Program New Payment 10500

The Federal Government of Pakistan launched the BISP in July 2008 to assist deserving people suffering through hard financial challenges. This program aims to give financial assistance to people who cannot afford the basic needs of human life. In the latest update from the officials, it was announced that the new payment of Rs.10500 will be given to the eligible people this month. The Government is keen on helping people experiencing poverty and dealing with the rising inflation.

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Latest News Benazir Income Support Program New Payment 10500

Checking Eligibility For Program:

The Government has established Benazir Income Support Program Offices in every tehsil to ensure transparency and anti-corruption. Any individual can visit its nearest office during working hours and register for the Program. After registration in the Program, your eligibility will be informed through a message. If you are eligible, you will be notified when your payment arrives. If you visit the BISP cash center, do not accept less than the amount requested. File a complaint against the person who gave you less money.

Increase Of Payment From 9000 to 10500:

In the recent update, the Government is observing the critical situation of the country, the inflation is getting higher and higher. It seems that the prices of things we use in our daily lives are rising like crazy. People who are deserving but are not getting benefits from this Program should register in the Program as soon as possible. Those registered in the Program and receiving financial aid of Rs.9000 will receive an increase of Rs.10500 from this month.

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Increase Of Payment From 9000 to 10500

How to register for the Program:

The Government announced some methods to register for the Program. Besides those announced by the Government, all other methods are scams or frauds. All the methods are explained in this article, and you can follow any of these to register and get benefits from the program.

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Online Registration:

  • Open any browser on your phone and search for the Program.
  • Open the official website and click on registration.
  • Fill out the form with your legit information and submit the form.
  • You are successfully registered in the Program, and you will be informed about your eligibility later.

Via Benazir Income Support Program Office:

  • Visit the BISP office.
  • An officer will provide you with a registration form after confirming your identity through your CNIC.
  • Fill out the application form with your accurate information carefully. In case of scamming legal actions will be taken against you.
  • Submit the form back to the office.
How to register for the Program


The officials of the Benazir Income Support Program have announced a new amount of Rs.10,500 to help individuals facing financial challenges. This program was launched in July 2008; its main purpose is to provide cash to those who cannot afford food for 2 times. Eligibility can be checked by visiting BISP offices, via message, and also through the online website. Registration procedure is very simple including online registration through the official website and in-person registration at BISP offices.

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