Latest News During This Election Week, BISP Tehsil Offices will be closed

The officials, looking at the serious conditions of the country during this time of elections, have decided to close all the Benazir Income Support Program tehsil offices for one week. Because elections are very important for any country, and there are many security concerns during this time. Due to official holidays this week, the government decided to give vacations to BISP employees. The Chairperson, Dr.Muhammad Amjad Saqib, apologized to all the eligible who are waiting for the payment because they will be unable to get the aid this week. All activities will continue to work as usual after the elections.

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Latest News During This Election Week, BISP Tehsil Offices will be closed

Influence on BISP Enrollment and Functioning:

The entire government is focusing on the elections, and transparency in the elections is the top priority of the people and officials. It is a busy time for all government officials due to elections. So, the officials of BISP and NSER have decided to suspend the service and registrations temporarily. The individuals who are deserving of and thinking of registering in the program during these holidays will not be able to do so. Due to vacations, the BISP offices will remain closed, so there will be no employees to handle registrations.

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Influence on BISP Enrollment and Functioning

Restarting BISP Activities:

As soon as the elections are over, all the BISP offices will open, and all pending registration applications will be restarted. The government declared a complete ban on expeditions in all government offices during this election week from the 5th to the 10th of February. It is recommended that all deserving individuals register or visit the Benazir Income Support Program on the 12th of February, not on the 11th since the 11th is a Sunday. This article provides a lot of information that is very important for the beneficiaries.

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Pause in BISP Payments:

All the activities are declared to be suspended during this election week. The government also suspended the distribution of financial aid to the people. All the banks will remain closed during the vacations, another factor of a temporary pause in the distribution of money. Individuals who have not withdrawn their installments will be able to withdraw after the elections when all activities continue as usual.

Waiting for BISP Support:

All government institutions remain closed during the elections that occur every five years. Therefore, people should remain persistent and patient during the event. After the 10th of February, all activities of the BISP program will continue as usual. BISP and Ehsaas Program 8171 will continue registrations after this vocational trip, and all installments will be sent to beneficiaries.

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Restarting BISP Activities


Due to the holidays, all the Benazir Income Support Program workplaces are closed during this election week. The employees are also taking legitimate holidays. It means enrollments and operations are suspended for this short period. BISP payments have stopped, too, since the banks are closed. Financial resources cannot be allotted now. Some people are awaiting BISP support and are unable to do so. Normal enrollments and payments will start again after the 10th of February.

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